1. 1959 Holden FC Ute

    Owner: Craig AKA "Flames"

    My mild kustom FC ute was started in 2000 and completed in 2001, since then it has been my every day drive vehicle.
  2. Starting with a rusty original ute it was stripped to bare metal and then the modifications started.
  3. The bonnet was filled with 200 louvres and a new tailgate skin was made, also filled with 200 louvers.
  4. A sedan rear bumper was fitted and a smooth spare wheel door was also made,
  5. The sills were replaced with custom made concave ones, which allowed the Moon Lakes Pipes to fit closer to the body.
  6. The bottom of the front gaurds are modified to allow the lakes pipes to exit the gaurds.
  7. The fuel filler was removed from the side and a sunken ariel fitted.
  8. A FE grille surround is used with chrome bullet grille, and the front indicators are 1959 Cadillac.
  9. The paint is a very dark purple with a flowing set of purple metalflake flames, front to back.
  10. Then engine was originally a hot grey but is now a 149, running twin strongbergs, X2 headers and lots of finned allow stuff..
  11. Interior is basically stock with a Mexican blanket seat, and kustom made acrylic dash knobs